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This ring markers shaped as hearts come with a very useful round metallic case. Each case contains 15 stitch markers in different colours and sizes.

Marker sizing:
small: 2 - 3 mm needles
medium: 3.25 - 4.5 mm needles
large : 5 - 6.5 mm needles

Larger markers work on smaller needles - the opposite is not true!

This markers are presented in two sets according to their sizes:

The small/medium set includes 5 markers in size small (yellow) and 10 markers in size medium (red and white).

The medium/large set includes 10 markers in size medium (yellow and white) and 5 markers in size large (brown).

Choose your set size in the drop-down menu above.

These stitch markers are designed to be used with knitting needles.

Material in the markers: plastic.

Brand: Tulip.

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