About the company Annette Petavy Design

This company takes its starting point in the original creation. Here, you will find explanatory sheets of models created by independent creators, expressions of their artistic and original point of view.

Another will is the transmission of knowledge and thereby the contribution to an evolution of this knowledge. Hence the desire to produce explanatory sheets as clear as possible (without betraying the intentions of the creators), and the integration in the newsletter of a technical part (mainly relating to crochet) to learn or be inspired.

To realize your dreams, you need material. I therefore seek to offer quality yarns at fair prices. I select each thread personally, free of any exclusivity and according to my tastes and the models present in my shop.

About me - who am I?

I am Swedish, originally from a country where manual work is an art practiced by everyone. In my family, whether on my father's or my mother's side, all the women practice at least one textile technique – knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing, embroidery...So it was only natural for me to learn at least some of these techniques. My mother taught me to knit and crochet. Like almost everyone, I saw knitting as a way to make clothes, and crochet as a way to decorate the house. I have since changed my mind.

I left Sweden for France to live with my French husband. I discovered a new country and a new culture. The French fashion culture impressed me a lot. On the other hand, wool and fabric shops were not numerous. I realized that the know-how that seemed to me to go without saying was sadly forgotten by a whole generation of women

Then, one day, it clicked. I started making my own patterns for crocheted clothes and accessories. My textile know-how, acquired in my Swedish childhood, and the French taste for fashion and clothing met – and it sparked! Since then, every day, I take new steps on the path to new discoveries. Do not hesitate to follow me!